On the 20th of August, the Science and Art Centre “Brūzis” in Cēsis opened its doors to the travelling contemporary art exhibition biennale Jeune Creation Europeen (JCE). Until the 18th of September on display there are the latest trends in the European contemporary art-scene created by 56 emerging artists from Denmark, France, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

en / Contemporary art biennale Jeune Creation Europeene started in Montrouge, Paris in 2000. It is already at its eight edition. JCE Biennale aim is to give a launching platform for young artists and promote their visibility across the Europe.
Like a living organism, the JCE Biennale constantly evolves through the series of exhibitions and events over the two years. It feeds on the local energy, thereby inspiring new perspectives during each stage of its journey. Now it is time for Latvia. It is the first of the Baltic countries that participates and hosts the JCE Biennale. Latvia’s involvement is based on the partnership between Institute for Environmental Solutions (the owner of the “Brūzis”) and Kaņepes Culture Centre (KCC).
The exhibition in Science and Art Centre “Brūzis” (Address: 9/11 Lenču Street, Cēsis, Latvia) will be open until the 18th of September, from Thursday – Sunday.
Entry fee: 2 Eur; for school children, students and pensioners – 1 Eur.

V ed. Biennale JCE | Jeune Création Européenne
curated by A. Di Gennaro & D. Kanepe
Science and Art Centre Brūzis, Cēsis, Latvia
from 20th of August to 18th September

Artists / DENMARK: Valérie Collart, Ditte Knus Tønnesen, Amalie Jakobsen, Astrid Myntekær, Christine Overvad Hansen, Nanna Riis Andersen, Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard, Dan Stockholm / FRANCE: Marion Bataillard, Willem Boel, Virginie Gouband, Arthur Lambert, François Malingrey, Louise Pressager, Tatiana Wolska, Qingmei Yao / ITALY: Giulia Berra, Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto, Juri Ceccotti, Giulia Fumagalli, Matteo Galvano, Giovanni Longo, Federico Scarchilli / LATVIA: Lauris Aizupietis, Margrieta Dreiblate, Atis Izands, Klavs Loris, Oskars Pavlovskis, Paula Pelše, Linda Vigdorcika, Lauris Vitolinš / POLAND: Miłosz Flis, Michał Frydrych, Marcelina Gron, Kornel Janczy, Berenika Kowalska, Izabela Łeska, Tomasz Poznysz, Magdalena Sawicka / PORTUGAL: Basttuz, Inês Henriques, Mariana Mendes Delgado, Pedro Mesquita, Mónica Nogueira, Filipa Silveira, Marlene Teixeira, Fátima Teles / SPAIN: Aïda Andrés Rodrigálvarez, Adrian Espinós Ferrero, Anna Ill Albà, Jennifer Owens, Esther Pí Gómez, Mònica Planes Castan, Ignasi Prat Altimira, Ines Schaikowski.