Giovanni Longo nato

Giovanni Longo, in his artistic research, experiments with multiple media focusing on the ability of languages to influence narration. For several years he has been concentrating his efforts on reclaiming wood found at river mouths at various places in the Mediterranean. Calabria, his birth place, is his favourite spot. Through classification and comparison, he uses this wood to create complete or evocative skeletal structures — the Fragile Skeletons and Seamless series — which interact with space and time, preserving the intrinsic properties of the original material such as colour, shape and texture.

Longo’s work is closely linked to identity, memory and history. It collects, accumulates and classifies forms, data, and information with the ultimate aim of obtaining a poetic escape from them — for example Museum Not Found project — , sometimes leaving the viewer with the ability to discover the origin of things.

Giovanni Longo (born in Locri, 1985) is a sculptor and visual artist based in Italy. His work has exhibited in several national and international exhibitions, amongst which: 54th The Venice Biennale (Italian Pavilion / Academies); Kunstenfestival Watou in Belgium; Wood Mood Valcucine in London, New York and Milan; art residency in Grasse curated by PHOS; Jeune Création Européenne Biennale in France, Poland, Spain and Denmark.
In 2016 the MARCA Museum of Art’s Catanzaro dedicates him the first institutional solo exhibition curated by Marco Meneguzzo. After three months of art residency in Paris, at the ateliers of the Montrouge cultural department, he currently works in Rome and collaborates as an art director with several digital tech companies.

Current / Upcoming Exhibitions

Workshop & Art Residences

BoCS Art, residency program curated by A. Dambruoso, October 2017, Cosenza, It.
JCE, residency program, Montrouge Cultural Department, May-August 2017, Paris, France.
Just in Time, marzo 2017, Giovane Creazione Europea, Istituti Como Rebbio e Civiglio, It.
Giovani artisti in Côte, residency program, curated by PHOS & Lamaisondelle, September 2015, Plascassier, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France.
Eurasia Wings, workshop curated by CESIE, M50 Art District, October 2012, Shanghai, China.
Contaminazione, workshop, gennaio 2008, Academy of Arts, Reggio Calabria, It.

Solo Exhibitions

Teofanie, apparizioni contemporanee: Giovanni Longo / Giuseppe Negro, duo exhibition curated by S. Fiato, Complesso Museale Casino Macrì, Parco Archeologico Nazionale, Locri.

Kármán Line, residency project, BoCS art, Cosenza, It.
Museum Not Found, residency project, atelier 8, Montrouge, Paris, France.

Fragile Landscapes: Giovanni Longo, curated by M. Meneguzzo, promoted by Rocco Guglielmo Foundation, MARCA – Museo delle Arti Catanzaro, It, catalogue Rubbettino.
[Plans]: Giovanni Longo, residency project, Centro PHOS, Turin, It.

Io abito Tu abiti Egli habitat: Giovanni Longo, curated by Il Filo di Sophia, text C. Capogreco, University of Calabria, Rende, It.
Tieni il resto: Giovanni Longo, curated by S. Pennacchio, Galleria Leucò, Reggio Calabria, It.

Group Exhibitions

B, curated by B. Baldi with Collettivo Basement , Cartavetra Gallery, Florence, It.

Narcissus Self-Portrait, curated by P. Ruffino & F. Poletti, Galleria Palazzo Nicolaci, Noto, It.
La fonte dell’opera, curated by D. Silvioli & V. De Siero, Consorzio La Giustiniana, Rome, It
Rome Art Week. Take Off, in collaboration with InsideArt, Fondamenta Gallery, Rome, It.
Cramum Award 2022, final exhibition, curated by S.M. Frassà, Mercato Centrale Milano, Milan, It, catalogue.
8 minuti dal sole. Art Rizoma contemporary art festival, curated by A. Romanini & R. Guglielmo, promoted by Rocco Guglielmo Foundation, Castello Carafa, Roccella Jonica, It.
IO Crògiolo, curated by V. Schito, S. Stefanelli & F. Tiburzi, Festival ‘Feronia ai Noccioli’, Sutri, Viterbo, It, catalogue.
Diagonale Spazio, curated by D. Silvioli with Collettivo Basement, in collaboration with InsideArt, Fondamenta Gallery, Rome, It.
YICCA 21/22 International Art Prize, final exhibition, curated by M. Toffolo e M. Jedrzejewska, Luciana Matalon Foundation, Milan, It, catalogue.

Rome Art Week. On Fire, curated by Collettivo Basement, in collaboration with InsideArt, Fondamenta Gallery, Rome, It.
Arteporto. Fuori confine, curated by S. Polo & S. Calvarese, Area Archeologica dei Porti Imperiali di Claudio e Traiano, Fiumicino, Rome, It, catalogue Silvana Editoriale.
, curated by Collettivo Basement, in collaboration with InsideArt, Fondamenta Gallery, Rome, It.

Rome Art Week. Open Basement, curated by Collettivo Basement, in collaboration with InsideArt, Fondamenta Gallery, Rome, It.
, opening, in collaboration with InsideArt, Fondamenta Gallery, Rome, It.

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition. Riscarti, curated by M. Scalise, Fiera di Roma, It.
Arteporto. Oltremare, curated by S. Polo & S. Calvarese, Area Archeologica dei Porti Imperiali di Claudio e Traiano, Fiumicino, Rome, It.

Ricognizioni. Dai Bocs Art i linguaggi del contemporaneo, curated by A. Dambruoso, BoCS Art Museum, Cosenza, It.
Jovem Criação Europeia / Portugal, curated by A. Cardoso, Museu Municipal Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Amarante, Portugal, catalogue.
Jeune Création Européenne / Spain, curated by M. Pasqualotto, Museu De L’Empordà, Casa Empordà, Figueres, Spain, catalogue.
Giovane Creazione Europea / Italy, curated by V. Vittani & F. Testoni, Spazio Ratti, Como, It.

Jeune Création Européenne / Latvia, curated by A. Di Gennaro & D. Kanepe, Art Centre Brūzis, Cēsis, Latvia, catalogue.
Młodej Sztuki Europejskiej / Poland, curated by E. Sulekcurated, Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland, catalogue.
The Hospitality Gallery, Fuorisalone 2016, curated by SceneMediterranee, Milan, It.
Jeune Création Européenne / Denmark, curated by H. Godsk, Kunstbygningen, Vrå, Denmark, catalogue.

Mater Terra, curated by G. Covelli, Museo del Presente, Rende, Cosenza, It.
Jeune Création Européenne / France, curated by A. Ponsini, Le Beffroi Cultural Centre, Montrouge, Paris, France, catalogue.
Le Latitudini dell’Arte: Ungheria e Italia, curated by M. Simonffy & V. Monteverde, Palazzo Ducale, Genova, It, catalogue.
Spacescape, curated by C. Cervino, Palazzo Di Lorenzo, Galatina, Lecce, It.
Wood Mood Milano, curated by D.F. Colaci, Valcucine-Milano Brera, Milan, It.

Archtober: Wood Mood, curated by D.F. Colaci, Valcucine-DOM Interiors, New York, USA.
The London Design Festival: Wood Mood, curated by D.F. Colaci, Valcucine, London, UK.
Kunstenfestival Watou, curated by J. Moeyaert, Watou, Belgium, catalogue.
Calabria contemporanea, curated by L. Caccia & M. Palamidessi, ex Mercato coperto, Cittanova, Reggio Calabria, It, catalogue.

Kairos: It’s time to change and re-birth, curated by R. Quattrone, Re-Birth Day Cittadellarte-Fond. Pistoletto, Galleria +, Bologna, It.
Donne e Resistenza, curated by F. Malice, Osservatorio sulla ndrangheta, Reggio Calabria, It, catalogue Aracne.
Biennale Magna Grecia, curated by Museo MACA, Collegio Sant’Adriano, San Demetrio Corone, Cosenza, It, text A. Rodi, catalogue.

Premio Limen Arte, curated by G. Di Genova & M. Caggiano, Palazzo E. Gagliardi, Vibo Valentia, It, text L. Caccia, catalogue Rubbettino.
Probject, curated by V. Salvini & C. Lamberti, Musil – Museo dell’industria e del Lavoro, Rodengo Saiano, Brescia, It, catalogue.
Eurasia Wings, curated by Pistes solidaires, Cango, Cesie e Sj Vietnam, M50 Art District, Shanghai, China, catalogue.
Eterne partenze, curated by A. Fraia, Galleria Ono, Bologna, It, catalogue.
Inside: interiorità dell’opera, curated by A. Natalini, Belvedere Marittimo, Cosenza, It.
Human Rigths? 2012, curated by R. Ronca, Fond. Opera Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto, It.
Ar[t]cevia 2012: Art Festival, curated by L. Coppa, Palazzo dei Priori, Arcevia, It, catalogue.
Locus Animae: settimo episodio, curated by S. Momentè, Laguna Shopping, Jesolo, Venezia, It, catalogue.
Premio Ugo Guidi, final exhibition, curated by E. Frediani, Villa Schiff-Giorgini, Montignoso, Massa-Carrara, It, catalogue.
Caixas pretas sobre cubo branco, curated by Amplexo, Fotogaleria Virgílio Calegari, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Eurasia Wings: Arte 3R, curated by Centro studi e iniziative Europeo (CESIE), Istituto Cervantes, Palermo, It.
Premio Basilio Cascella 2012, final exhibition, curated by A. Passerini, Museo Civico di Arte Cont., Ortona, Chieti, It, catalogue.
Human Rigths? 2012, curated by R. Ronca, Castello di Acaya, Lecce, It.
Equilibri precari: l’arte al tempo delle crisi, curated by R. Buccieri & G. Raspa, Museo del Presente, Rende, Cosenza, It, catalogue.

54th Biennale di Venezia – Italian Pavilion / Academies, curated by V. Sgarbi, Tese di S. Cristoforo, Arsenale nord, Venice, It, catalogue Skira.
300/2: Trecentofrattodue, Ar[t]cevia, curated by M. Nicotra, Complesso San Benedetto, Fabriano, Ancona, It, catalogue.

La terra ha bisogno degli uomini, curated by F. Ruggiero, Reggia di Caserta, It, catalogue.
Premio Celeste 2010, final exhibition, curated by G. Scardi & J. Draganovic, Brodbeck Foundation, Catania, It, catalogue Zel.
Caixas pretas sobre cubo branco, curated by Amplexo, Instituto de Arte Contemporanea (IAC), Recife, Brazil.
Ar[t]cevia 2010: Art Festival, curated by M. Nicotra, Complesso San Francesco, Arcevia, It.
VentiPerVenti, curated by G. Donnarumma & G. Ippolito, Linea D’arte workshop, Napoli, It.
Combat Prize 2010, final exhibition, curated by P. Batoni, Bottini dell’olio, Livorno, It, catalogue Sillabe.
Arte Laguna Prize, final exhibition, curated by I. Zanti, Tese di S. Cristoforo, Arsenale nord, Venice, It, catalogue.

Ar[t]cevia 2009: Art Festival, curated by M. Nicotra, Complesso San Francesco, Arcevia, It.
Invasioni Urbane, curated by Mammalucco, Taurianova, Reggio Calabria, It.
Camera di Combustione, curated by G.P. Manfredini, Leucò Art Gallery, Reggio Calabria, It, catalogue Artemis.

Ar[t]cevia 2008: Art Festival, curated by M. Nicotra, Complesso San Francesco, Arcevia, It.
Progetto CuBe, curated by G. Costa, Villa dei Cappuccini, Roccavaldina, Messina, It.
Expo Arte: Fiera del Levante, stand Accademia di Belle Arti RC, Bari, It.

Trasformarte: il riciclo artistico dei rifiuti, Accademia Belle Arti, Reggio Calabria, It.
Borsa Internazionale del Turismo, stand provincia Reggio Calabria, Milan, It.

Scultura da Vivere, curated by Peano Foundation, Centro Incontri della Provincia, Cuneo, It.
In3cci, curated by S. Pennacchio, Leucò Art Gallery, Reggio Calabria, It.


Finalist Premio Cramum 2022, Milan, It.
Winner Premio Arte Città di Locri / Giugno Locrese 2022, Locri, It.
Winner YICCA 2021/22, International Art Prize, Milan, It.
Selected JCE Residency program 2017, atelier Montrouge, Paris, France.
Winner Giovani artisti in Côte 2015, residency program, Centro PHOS, Grasse, France.
Selected Jeune Création Européenne 2015-2017, Montrouge, Paris, France.
Winner Premio Elmo 2015, artists category, Rizziconi, It.
Finalist Como Contemporary Contest 2015, Como, It.
Finalist Premio Int. Lìmen Arte 2012, emerging artists category, Vibo Valentia, It.
Selected Premio Arte Mondadori 2012, sculpture category, Milan, It.
Winner Art is clear – as clouds are, contest, Brescia, It.
Second place Premio Ugo Guidi 2012, Montignoso, Massa-Carrara, It.
Finalist LVI Premio Basilio Cascella 2012, Ortona, Chieti, It.
Finalist Premio Paola Occhi per l’arte contemporanea 2012, Migliarino, Ferrara, It.
Finalist Identik.IT, Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) & Gruntumolani Collective, 2012, Rome, It.
Selected 54th Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Italia/Accademie, 2011.
Winner on-line vote Premio Celeste 2011, installation and sculpture category.
Winner on-line vote Premio Celeste 2010, installation and sculpture category.
Finalist Premio Combat 2010, Livorno, It.
Finalist Arte Laguna Prize 2009, sculpture category, Venice, It.
Selected Premio Arte Mondadori 2009, sculpture category, Milan, It.
Selected Artista del mese GAI, Giovani Artisti Italiani, June 2007.

Public Collections

BoCS Art Museum, Cosenza, It, 2017.
Montrouge Cultural Department
, Paris, France, 2017.
Fondazione Rocco Guglielmo, Catanzaro, It, 2016.


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