Final exhibition YICCA Art Prize 21/22

The works of the various artists included in this exhibition resonate with major contemporary cultural, economic and political realities experienced as part of everyday lives and across the globe. This exhibition traces the emergent contemporary art’s current trends, spanning different generations, their practices traversing the disciplines of contemporary artistic creation.

Antonella Zito, Bianca Bozgan, Delphine Hogarth, Giacomo Toth, Giacomo Zornetta, Giovanni Longo, Guido Bottazzo, Hiroshi Mehata, Ima Montoya, J Kwon, Jesse Egner,
Katrina Thibodeau, Kurt Stimmeder, Melanie Geyer, Nick Chatfield-Taylor, Sofhie Mavroudis, Sun Hee Moon, Takeshi Inoue.

YICCA Art Prize 21/22
Luciana Matalon Foundation, Milan
15-29 January 2022

Opening hours Tuesday – Saturday 10-13 / 14-19